iPhone 5 – what an iPhone should be


When you think of the “best” iPhone, you probably think of the iPhone X. But what if I told you that the 5 is the best due to it’s longevity and support over the years?
Using the iPhone 5 in 2018- https://youtu.be/WaEHg_VnDk0

Apple killed the 4S- https://youtu.be/2tMMk4fKnk8

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37 Replies to “iPhone 5 – what an iPhone should be”

  1. This is why I bought an iPhone SE

  2. what a great phone! it will probably be outlasted by the 6S or 8/X because of their massive and fantastic speed upgrades and improvements which heavily support them!

  3. While watching this video I went into my old apple drawer and found my iPhone 5. Holding it in my hands I realise how much smaller it is compared to my 7plus. Excited to see the comfort and convenience of my smaller “more usable” iPhone, and it won’t turn on. I’ve been sitting here for about 20 minutes on charges and it’s showing no signs of life, won’t even vibrate. R.I.P me😭😭

  4. sorry but the iphone 5 was probably the worst iphone

  5. I totally agree.

    Its spec is very high for 2012 release,

    and conveniently it doesn't upgrade to iOS11 so we can forever use old 32bit apps.

    It has lightening port.

    So if you swap a battery, it's almost a perfectly usable iPhone until 2020 or so.

    It's amazing you can use a smartphone for 7-8 years with no issues.

    I got iPhone 5 64GB in early 2015 from a friend for $200. Swapped at a Genius Bar. It works just fine.

  6. Good video! The word is "longevity", though. Lol.

  7. Longevity…are you pronouncing that word right?

  8. Well, you should'be made this video yesterday when I was deciding between a 5 and a 5s to replace my 5 that was stolen. Lol everyone keeps saying the 5 on ios 10 runs better than the 5s on ios 11.

  9. I’m tired of you saying that the iPhone 4s was crippled by IOS 9. If any version crippled that phone, it was IOS 8. Stop acting like using it is worst thing in the world. It is slightly faster than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 3G on IOS 4 was worse (which I own and can confirm).

  10. i agree! The original 5 and the 6s will always be my favorite iphones! wish i kept it on ios6 tho.😓

  11. Just fyi, the word you're looking for is "longevity" pronounced "launch-evity". Longetivity is not a word.

  12. well but the battery drained so fast… it's hard to find the original one nowadays.

  13. I Still Use the iPhone 5 o/

  14. My first is the silver iphone is 5. I'm still using it after 3 years! Yeah it has battery issues and had to replace the battery but since I don't have any budget to upgrade yet I can say that I still love this phone 🙂

  15. RIP to better quality iphones (iphone 6s and older) best Iphones are 4s,5,5s,SE,6s

  16. I prefer the 6S its sturdy, beautiful, slim, perfect size, Touch ID, *headphone jack*, Nice camera, Fast, etc. I really hope it wont die soon

  17. I remember how "big" the screen was back then

  18. The iPhone 4 is my all time favorite. As I write from an android

  19. I agree. The iPhone 5 was my very first ever phone (my father made me wait until I got a job to pay for my own phone). Aside from sentimental value due to it being my first phone, it truly was special. The only thing it needed to be perfected was the fingerprint scanner, and so when the iPhone 5s came along, that's what it perfected. And I hate Crapple too, that's how amazing the iPhone 5 was and still is.

  20. I still have an iPhone 5 with ios 6, ive had it since 2012. Are these like rare or something?

    (Edit) No jailbreak and i havent downgraded it, its stock ios 6

  21. Now I want to buy an iPhone 5…

  22. Im watching this on my iPhone 5 and it is no where as smooth as yours looks on iOS 10

  23. I wonder if the 5s being the first phone with a 64-bit processor makes it a good candidate to receive iOS 12, if the jump to 64-bit was big enough to have it be the first iPhone (as I recall) to get a 6th iOS version. But if it’s already sluggish on iOS 11 then they probably shouldn’t include it in the iOS 12 update.

  24. u paid more for UPDATES. love iphone

  25. I have been thinking this for a while now, could not agree more.

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