iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S – Camera Test


How much better is the iPhone 5’s camera than the iPhone 4S? Lets find out…

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44 Replies to “iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S – Camera Test”

  1. br e igual a puta,todo rua tem uns 10

  2. Omg the start was so cringeeeee

  3. They are the same

  4. They both are kinda of the same


  6. i think iphone 4s audio quality is better than iphone 5 in video record..

  7. i was interested on the dark flash photos, the 4s is horrible at that…

  8. Thank you guys for your opinions… I think many viewers choose iPhone 4s… So i choose it…

  9. classic Ty Moss awesome applications video 🙂 cool I'll keep the 4s I was just given as a backup camera.

  10. he kept saying iPhone 4S he never said iPhone 5 when he was taking about the video quality

  11. if you took that cap would be with older guy

  12. thank u but i think is same 🙂

  13. iPhone 4s has a good camera

  14. Thanks man. Your video help me choose a good mobile I'm brazilian and I really like your video

  15. Wth iphone5 pictures are way better in hands. Iphone4s is crap well both are lol iphone6s looks nice

  16. Nice review but what camera did you shoot this on the quality of the phone recorder may be better…And I have only used the iPhone 6 but for some reason I would not mind buying the iPhone 4s. Especially because craigslist has them for about 100 bucks now.

  17. iphone 4s front camera better than iphone 5

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