HTC U11 vs Galaxy S8 – What’s the Difference?


HTC U11 vs Galaxy S8 – we compare the newly unveiled HTC U11 with the flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 to find out what’s different.

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26 Replies to “HTC U11 vs Galaxy S8 – What’s the Difference?”

  1. Instead of putting a dac in the adapter why not put it in the phone and ad a headphone jack? 👍😀

  2. I wish people weren't so obsessed with trying to prove that their possessions are better than someone else's. every phone has appeal to someone, so just get what you like. I personally love boomsound and near stock UIs so HTC is the phone for me. doesn't mean I hate the s8 or think everyone with an s8 should get the u11. just get what you want

  3. HTC: 3D Audio Rec.
    Sams: No

    HTC: very best camera 90 Camera Point
    Sams: 88

    HTC: Boomsound Hi-Fi Speakers
    Sams: Mono Speaker

    HTC: Very Quality Noise Headsphone in Box
    Sams: Just above standard headsphone in Box

    HTC: new technology squeeze and alexa
    Sams: just bixii

    Battry same 3000 mAh…

    And HTC is Stable software…

  4. I have iPhone 7 plus and I want to switch to android. Am between s8 and u11 both have great features. U11 better speaker, no bloatware, noise cancellation, squeeze, more memory and ram plus priced less. S8 looks so beautiful, Samsung pay, 3.5 jack and Bluetooth 5.0, can be used on direct sunlight (1000 nits) plus good accessories. Like wireless charging, covers etc.

  5. 16:9 videos display smaller on the 18.5:9 S8 than on the U11. U11 has more practical screen space due to the 16:9 aspect ratio, flat screen, and off-screen nav buttons.

  6. Simple question, the S8 do you really see the whole screen…that curve part… its as though 5-10% of the screen is angle out and you don't see the whole screen. so its not a true 5 8 screen…maybe a 5 6 screen.
    Another thing most of the video content is 16:9, don't like my video curving at the top and bottom.

  7. Wow nice to see a comment section not full of HTC hate bandwagon

  8. I would take HTC U11 anytime over s8 and g6 or any other phone on the market right now.

  9. GS8 – Slimmer bezels, worse speakers
    U11 – Thicker bezels, better speakers no headphone jack

    Samsung has the advantage in that it's slim bezels draw in customers at stores while the u11 looks more traditional and thus more likely to be passed over. People seem to forget that the front of the phone is what you see first and if it looks bland, the customer isn't likely to inspect it further, good phone or not.

  10. Better build, better sound, better camera. Go HTC!

  11. While I wish HTC followed the bezeless trend, the phone still looks good and seems to offer great software, camera and audio. Despite no headphone jack, they do include a dongle, the speakers seem to be great, and it has active noise cancellation. And for $100 cheaper than the S8, HTC's pricing is more on point.

  12. I really like this phone. But unfortunately it has no headphones jack I used my phone a lot so I find myself changing while using a headphone.

  13. the headphone Jack is overrated my HTC Bolt gave me crisped sound! HTC U11 should sound the same

  14. Stop talking how s8 has a bigger display in a smaller body cause this is simply a lie. It has a bigger display in a LONGER body but that's not necessarily better. just check how much more content you can see on a real (16:9) 5.7" screen like U ultra compared to s8! s8 is kind of a 5.2 incher at most, + it has on-screen buttons in addition, so talking about "huge" bezels on phones like U 11 (navigation buttons AND a speaker) or Sony Xperia (2!! front facing speakers) is unfair. Galaxy has nothing of such there.

  15. the best dxo score~~~~~90point!!!!

  16. Htc u 11 will be better than s8

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