How To Install HD Dry – Samsung Galaxy S8 & S9 – Invisible Shield


This video shows you how to install InvisibleShield HD® Dry screen protection on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. Amazingly clear, smooth protection that embraces the edges of your phone for maximum impact and scratch protection and a case-friendly fit.

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24 Replies to “How To Install HD Dry – Samsung Galaxy S8 & S9 – Invisible Shield”

  1. I just bought one and the edges won't stick they keep forming bubbles

  2. I have the hd clear and the materials are different..I have an adhesive wipe?


  4. I have the invisible shield ZAGG on my S8. WHICH cases will work with it ?

  5. my come whit primer apply to the screen protection bad idea total different from the video I will return to best buy

  6. What happened to Zagg kiosks in UAE malls? all of them aren't opening at all.

  7. my product is completely different from video, DO NOT BUY

  8. The worse screen protector ever please guys DO NOT buy it

  9. I just bought this and it won't stick properly it pops when I type it will not stay stuck to the screen properly

  10. it's like there's some portion missing in the video at 1:40. Also can't tell which side is which. Terrible video, even worse experience applying. I work at a cell phone store so i've basically applied screen protectors for a living for 4 years. This was the worst. Skip it and get the wet install. I finally got mine on but it's bubbled. Warranty time!

  11. This video could not even show us how to START to remove the plastic cover from the protective screen while on the phone. Why? Because she could not start it properly either. This is a poor installation procedure. Other phone screens work like this: Clean the phone, Pull cover off the sticky protective cover. Flip it over. Align on phone and lay down. I have so many bubbles now with this procedure that I may have to buy another protective cover. Do you think I will this Brand again? No.

  12. I bought one and did the same thing you told me to do and dust went through hate that you guys make the worst setups you need to make a plastic screen protector no rubber

  13. i always have nice experience with spigen screen protector but i am thinking to try this one. What happens if i fail in instalation?

  14. now i got to buy another. unless you've done it before its not that easy. the edges are hard to stick as well

  15. How does it do with case like the otterbox defender case

  16. I've tried to install this 4 different times (all brand new). When you pull the yellow bit up, it takes the who protector back up off the phone ruining it.

  17. this is the worst setup ever. this protector is FART

  18. I want instructions for the hd clear invisible shield…

    With the application gel…

  19. I counted 4 bubbles on the bottom and 1 on the top at end of the video :p

  20. what I do not understand is that the geek did wet install

  21. I was told by one of your sales people they do not hold especially people who put them in their pocket, so they actually told me not to but your product, i appreciate their honesty, yet everyone will not say that they will just try to make a sale not caring….
    I think whats needed is one that will actually snap on, U may want to consider it or maybe you just don't care….

  22. wow the contents are completely different from the kit being sold in best buy. the best buy version, the install was a pain. i had to submit replacement online.

  23. wish this video was out when I tried to put mine on. mine was off line a little and one corner keeps coming up because of my case

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