How to Find Your iPhone’s Serial Number | iPhone Tips


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Hi, Lisa here.  I’m gonna show you how to find your phone serial number.  Now sometimes you may need your serial number if you’re calling for support or if you wanna find out if you’re still in warranty.  This is how you gonna find it.  

You go ahead to your Settings.  You go to General.  And then, you go to About, first option on the screen.  You gonna…

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  1. cantik bener….haduh ga kuat

  2. My mom just asked for my serial number wish me luck

  3. my i phone 5s stolen how to earn???

  4. how do you find it if your phone don't turn on

  5. Doesn't help if my phone is CRACKED AND DOESN'T WORK like 50% of Cheap China Iphones

  6. Thank you. You are very Pretty. Are you single? Love your hair.

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