How To Enable VoLTE in OnePlus 2 VoLTE Support OnePlus 2 VoLTE enabled in Nougat ROM


In this video I will show you the easiest way How To Enable VoLTE in OnePlus 2 VoLTE Support in Nougat based custom ROM like CyanogenMod 14.1, Resurrection Remix, AICP ROM, Lineage OS etc. So finally oneplus 2 jio volte is working. You need oneplus 2 volte update firmware then flash it with twrp before flashing any nougat rom then oneplus 2 volte enabled. This OnePlus 2 VoLTE Firmware is based on OxygenOS 3.5.6.

Download Links: OnePlus 2 VoLTE Firmware:

OxygenOS 3.5.7…

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33 Replies to “How To Enable VoLTE in OnePlus 2 VoLTE Support OnePlus 2 VoLTE enabled in Nougat ROM”

  1. Bro. I have lenovo vibe k5 plus with lineage os 14.1 flashed.
    Can I flash file which you give link in description box.

  2. bro can we flash oxygen is 3.6 latest with cyanogen 14.1 and nougut 7 in twrp

  3. is volte will support in one plus one

  4. shows only LTE…how to get volte?are they the same or different? I'm getting only LTE on my Moto g3 with lineages nougat and my friends Moto g3 shows volte with lollipop..? Please explain

  5. Hey I had oxygen 3.5.6 installed, i used volte, made efs backup, wiped everything, installed 3.5.7 firmware, installed lineage latest version with gapps. volte not working. i restored efs and volte still not working help pls

  6. I flashed lineage os on my op2 which was on 3.5.6 . After the installation it has been randomly rebooting everyday like 10 to 15 times. what to do

  7. I flashed lineage os on OOS 3.5.8 and VOLTE was working. But after updating os VOLTE is automatically removed. Observed this issue twice. So I tried flashing delta updates only but problem wasn't solved. I have to flash all packages and apps again. Any solutions​.

  8. i was on oos 3.5.8 and then i flash my phone with lineage os 14.1 and gapps latest verion i already have volte enable after flash but the problem is there is consistent drop of network do you known any workaround pls hlp

  9. Will it work on Oxgyen OS 3.5.8 ? Will the same VoLTE firmware work ? Please help

  10. Hey, Can I flash this firmware after flashing rom?
    Actually I'm on lineage os already!

  11. first my phone was rooted, after flashing Cosmic os rom 7.1.1 and now it shows my is unrooted, but twrp recovery is their. if I flash only volt file from your given link, it will work or it will break my device.

  12. can volte file is supported on cosmic os rom 7.1.1 on lenovo a6000 plus

  13. is it necessary to install custom rom, ok it will work only on nougat based custom rom, suggest me perfect Custom rom, as i don't much about different roms plz

  14. what is the difference between 3.5.6 firmware only and 3.5.7 volte firmware… even thier size also differs .like 3 mb and 43mb… please elaborate me .. please

  15. Are there any network drops?

  16. i am on OOS 3.5.6 Not rooted. What steps should i follow?
    1. Unlock bootloader
    2. Install custom recovery through fastboot
    3. Take EFS backup
    4. Wipe cache, dalvik, system clean
    5. Do now i have to flash OOS 3.5.7 firmware or directly custom ROM and GApps?

  17. will this modem work for oneplus one

  18. will this work on Cosmic OS on my OP2?

  19. after rooting which firmware 1st I install 3.5.6 or 3.5.7 ??

  20. why we have to install oxygenos before installing custom ROMs, can we install the custom ROM directly?

  21. How is the battery backup Sot in CM?

  22. hi sir thank you for instructions but I'm still facing network drop can you please help me with it

  23. Hey sir, nice video. Did you get any improvement using the screen in HD capable? (I'm talking about the battery)

  24. can i flash rr and restore efs (OxygenOS 3.5.6) ?. Will it work ?

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