How Apple killed the iPhone 4S


While support is typically a good thing it should never come at the cost of performance, and especially not at the level iOS 9 hurt the iPhone 4S.
iPhone 4S still on iOS 8.2! –
iPhone 4S in 2018 –
Downgrade to iOS 6 –
iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S!
Living with the 4S in 2017 –

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50 Replies to “How Apple killed the iPhone 4S”

  1. Could you do a video about the iPhone 6 in 2018?

  2. Talking about 4s…. Ipad 3 is worse. I dont even use it it barely open youtube…

  3. Apple killed the whole electronic market

  4. iPad 1 has iOS 5.1.1 lol

  5. How Coca Cola killed the 7 year old coke. Because it was old and nobody wants it. This video makes no sense 🔥

  6. I'm still stocked with an iPhone 5 tbh it's okay but when apple launch the iOS 11, I tried to update it but they just kill iPhone 5 too. That's so unfair 🙁

  7. Never update your iPhone more than 2 iOS version. I told that everybody 6 years ago and maked a table with all iPhones and iOS. What happened? Apple Fanboys flamed and Admins deleted my post.

  8. I have a iPhone 4s and I do like it but the battery is god awful . Personally I would like to change my phone to a newer and faster phone

  9. ok my 4s can't have wifi anymore!!!! why

  10. I had an IPhone 4s in 2017 But now i have a new IPhone

  11. I was in middle school when the 4s came out and how much i fell inlove with it. And only dreamed to optain one. Tho, i would love it if would run android on it tho. I just love it for the looks and how slick it looked. I wanted the IOS but realised how bad IOS is

  12. IPhone 4s needs one More Update .

  13. The main reason they slow down there old models so you buy the newest one witch cost so much more Apple is overpriced hype / Junk i have the 4s after that I never bought another Apple junk my galaxy s5 works just as fine as it did when I first bought it #team android

  14. i'm using 4s with ios9 and its not slow for me

  15. 5:12 actually Google still supports all of their pixel phones and they still run good even after a few years.

  16. It should of got a iOS 10 update to really kill it off

  17. a lot of stupid people will buy it xD

  18. I hate that apple doesen't let you downgrade

  19. It’s sad because this was my first iPhone

  20. My iPhone 4 doesn't run all that slow, and doesn't lag like what you see in the video

  21. Lmao 10 mins exactly

  22. iOS 9 completely killed the iPhone 4S. iOS 7 runs fine on an iPhone 4, and iOS 10 runs "fine" on a retina iPad. However, iOS 9 runs anything but fine on an iPhone 4S. It's really sad, because I actually possess an iPhone 5S, running potentially its last piece of software (iOS 11), except it's bricked. All it needs is a new battery.

    If anything, at least Apple realized the limitations of the first generation iPad, by forcing it to run iOS 5. They certainly didn't do the same for the 4S.

  23. I'm still using 4s, Yes we exist ❤️

  24. So wait ur co/18? W W W

  25. The iPhone 4S didn't just die…

    IT WAS M U R D E R E D

  26. Dude ur only like a year older than me and I still feel way younger than that (im 17 now) How do U sound like U R in ya 20s?

  27. Still using the 5s but soon im getting a s8

  28. I’ve been using the 4s for two years now, horrible phone

  29. my iphone 6s is not working i dusted off my old 4s and was just about to update from ios 7.0.4 when this popped into my youtube recommended, i think i'll leave it there, thanks

  30. Damn, you and I are the same age. I've had an iPhone 4 my 6th grade year and it was awesome. But I think Apple lost their touch when Steve Jobs died. And since then, I moved over to Android and don't regret it.

  31. Really you just gotta jailbreak and stay on low iOS versions, it's the only way to own an apple device.

  32. The 4 is actually kinda faster than the 4s kinda

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