Hands-on with the new $999 Apple iPhone X


Apple usually releases one new phone model a year — this year they released two. The iPhone got its annual incremental upgrade with the iPhone 8, while Apple also debuted the new premium iPhone X. Here’s what it’s like in person.

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48 Replies to “Hands-on with the new $999 Apple iPhone X”

  1. it cost a lot because the glass from the back is HOOOOT means a lot of money like 20.000 dollars

  2. Sometimes,
    I look at my iPhone x and wonder
    What the fuck I'm doing with an iPhone x

  3. My mom’s gonna get this when it’s in stock

  4. $999 and 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 cents

  5. That black notch on the top is really annoying, it ruined the borderless effect of the smaller bezels.

  6. That phone cost as Much as my gaming laptop for 10990 kr witch is about 1400$ so I will never buy it

  7. Your big ass text is obscuring the phone.

  8. I really need to train how to use the iphone X without a home button

  9. the face id is dangerous what if someone knocked you out then got into your phone by putting the phone to your face and got your bank details???

  10. how am I going to play games while it's charging I do it all the time

  11. The more I see the iPhone X. I do think the new iPhone (especially in black) is sexier than the Samsung phones.

    Apple is expensive but that’s nothing new.

    I think I’d probably still get this phone.

    Face ID looked good in the last few videos I’ve seen.

    I’m looking forward to my YouTube techies doing some in-depth reviews in December.

  12. Do u always need to slide up when it's unlocked or will it unlock and open for u???

  13. Pay $999 to make shit literally talk – Apple

  14. I'm still happy with my 6…

  15. I rather have the s8,even tho I have one already, it cost me 600 or 700 idk

  16. So excited to have this as a Christmas Gift. It is too expensive for me but I want it so so badly. ❤

  17. Make that 50000 phil peso…due to exchange rate now

  18. 42000 philippine peso…..nope nope nope nope…i can buy 32 inch flat tv plus 2 door I0 cubic ref plus aircon plus andoid phone ….

  19. Bro all a phone need is calling incase of a emergency or texting! Why the iPhone X got all these useless stuff? STOP IT! JUST STOP IT! I BET THIS PHONE BREAKS EASY ASF!

  20. iPhone x powred by samsung

  21. 99% of comments: Apple, what have you done?

    1%: Yay a new apple Iphone! Let me go ask my mom and dad if I can buy it so I can make my Snapchat friends jealous!

  22. Can you do animated emojis on the other iPhones?

  23. So basically its samsung s8 with more lag?

  24. Am I the only one that gets a little creeped out by the animated emojis….

    Just me? Ok

  25. That phone is not expensive but not really cheap only $999 stop saying expensive

  26. Iphone 7 doesnt have earplugs.

    Now Iphone 8 doesnt EVEN have a touch button.


  27. Wonder how people think to grab this phone

  28. hell yeah good bye samsung

  29. Hey iPhone X, Galaxy S X is gonna get ya!

  30. Isn't anyone going to talk about, the time he pointed the camera at that girl? If you know what I mean… 😛

  31. There had been animojies now

    The emoji movie

    *recieves vietam war flash backs

  32. All the android users are complaining about the price. Everyone knows androids are a broke mans phone. They feel like a child's toy phone. The hardware is shit. May have all these cool features, but iPhone doesn't release those (old) features until they prefect them

  33. So I'm guessing this phone is for the stupid rich right…like most of us don't even have $999 + dollars..I mean I do but fuck that for that piece of shit that does all the same shit as a phone 5 years ago fuck

  34. When the demo I watch —> we do have one more thing emoji talking and make your face like a idiot. Hahaha also face I'd does not working on demo haha pay us 999$ plus apple care and etc pay us 1500$ that's max oh plus cover also screen cover. Look like you being scam by apple no touch id wow 😎. I guess Steve job I die look apple doing savage af.

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