GTX 1050 Ti photos, Google Pixel phone leaked, HypeVR volumetric video


The new Google Pixel phones get leaked pretty much in their entirety; photos leak of the GTX 1050 Ti; HypeVR develops “volumetric 3D video”, adding VR movement to 360 degree videos. Plus, Quick Bits!

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48 Replies to “GTX 1050 Ti photos, Google Pixel phone leaked, HypeVR volumetric video”

  1. I don't like the Google Pixel because I fear about my privacy

  2. RIP Radeon, if you survive till 2020 though at least we may have to rely on you for CPUs

  3. Solar Freaking Roadways is fucking amazing. I really hope they are funded adequately.

  4. i dont mang the pixel looks like two phones cut in half than reattached it don look dat good

  5. FX8350 will rock with the 1050 ti!
    GOOD job nvidia, you made dream come true FOR BUGET!
    Shadowplay ftw

  6. Nep Nep Nep? NO its ni! The people who say ni! so ni!!!?!

    p.s. Ni

  7. these videos are entertaining and I love watching……thank you very much.

  8. I will never get a google phone

  9. 4GB of vram?!?! here we go again…

  10. Best user submission in a while, actually.

  11. HypeVR? That is really hype.

  12. We can never have actual surprise releases anymore, huh?

  13. GTX 1050 ti looks like a nice low end 1080p card. I hope it will be cheap in Canada because the AMD cards cost way too much up here (RX 470 is the same price as a GTX 1060 6GB… WTF AMD)

  14. How do games become a e-sport in this day and age?
    Well game companies are deciding that now.

  15. Why can't Google keep Nexus as a budget phone?

  16. 1050tit

    nvidia ti makes no sense
    just tit

  17. Damn, they are really trying hard to convince people to have babies in Japan

  18. Bro plz cAn u search more for gtx 1050 and do a separate full video on it

  19. I always liked AMD as the low end option. Why you gotta be a monopoly, Nvidia?

  20. And you only need 14 6k red cameras.. Ehh.. 😀

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