Google Pixel 4K Cinematic Video Footage Camera Test


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13 Replies to “Google Pixel 4K Cinematic Video Footage Camera Test”

  1. Hey man , this is incredible .. I can't believe it is shot with the pixel. I have one on the way and can't wait to use it ..check out my channel if you want . I'm using a basic entry level DSLR but I honestly think have this phone will be an upgrade in quality. Just one question …what are you using to edit ? And is exporting to MacBook easy?

  2. Is this shit on the pixel or pixel XL? This is incredible

  3. How did you film it with such little noise/grain in low light?

  4. soo good .. you can make an entire movie on this phone

  5. This is really good. How did you go about colour grading? i've always had difficulty due to google shooting with really high saturation

  6. damn. nice work. forgot I was watching a video made with a phone. it looked great

  7. muy buena !!! parece un comercial del nuevo peugeot ! : P
    de eserio esta buena

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