Google Pixel 2 XL hands-on


The Google Pixel 2 XL is official and it looks incredible. 6-inch POLED display, stunning design, squeezy tech to launch Google Assistant and plenty of power under the hood. Check out our hands-on for an overview of exactly what to expect from this stunning new 18:9 design from Google and LG and fire any comments below if there’s anything you want to know about Google’s latest smartphone.

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38 Replies to “Google Pixel 2 XL hands-on”

  1. No head phones jack really.. finger print gasture are fantastic

  2. Sorry if I sound petty I think it's called electronic, not electrical image stabilisation… And I wouldn't even bother commenting if Basil didn't get this wrong every single time….

  3. So much wrong information in the first 40 seconds.

  4. this pixel makes me excited for sony mirai design.
    18:9 ratio with stereo speakers, 3.5mm jack and water resistant..
    make it happen sony.

  5. No 3.5mm jack is a deal breaker. Plus the Pixels will be sold out until March 2018. LG V30 for me.

  6. No headphone jack… Damn..

  7. Why are you a tech channel if you don't know shit about the tech

  8. $850 and no headphone jack are both dealbreakers. 18:9 isn't a dealbreaker (especially on AMOLED), but I don't like it either.

    Another Google release, another year I'm hanging onto my Nexus 5.

  9. I'm sticking to the LG V30 even though that pixels a winner! I need my Quad DAC, Wide Angle lens and manual mode and i don't too much care for the cloud storage.

  10. Im a samsung note 4, note 7 user…. samsung let me down with the single speaker , 64 gb memory phone. This has dual speakers, 128gb, no bloatware, UNLIMITED cloud storage, smart camera that tells me about what it sees! Pictures that move and come alive with stickers that interact, HOLY CRAP google you hit a grand slam for phones!!! I just placed my order. Goodbye samsung! Did i mention dual front facing speakers!

  11. Pre-ordered mine. I was thinking of the LG V30 and this phone but the software and cameras won me over. Plus the front camera is better than the LGV30 along with front facing speakers.

  12. Shame about the headphone jack of very tempted till I heard about that

  13. Im in love this phone, the camera, stereo speakers (the display isnt a big deal for me, OLED is just too dim) but the lack of headphone jack, argh decision stupid decisions!
    I will wait for the nex Xperia at the MWC.

  14. Lg v30 vs. pixel xl 2? Which would you choose?

  15. When it comes to the headphones jack, apparently the customer is always wrong. Oh and did I hear SD card slot?

  16. It's a shame it doesnt have a headphone jack though. For me V30 wins

  17. So a V30 with stereo speakers and one less camera then. (albeit faster O.S of course)

  18. I already preordered it. But its ironic how they curved the edges to give you more screen YET the bezels on the side look bigger. not to mention the rounded corners make the screen look more cramped. I love it and cant wait to see it but just giving my critique. Itll grow on me

  19. I love that most of the phone is a nice matte black its not a fingerprint magnet.gonna put a case & possibly a wrap on mine anyway. So amped up i ordered the 2-Xl in black

  20. Why does anyone want a phone this tall? "Oh look at that notification at the top, too bad I can't reach it."

  21. Those are some T H I C C side bezels

  22. My biggest surprise is the front facing stereo speakers with a bezelless display, bravo Google, is it IP certified?
    But still the design on the back is lol 😂 😂

  23. is it just me or is the camera circle totally crooked?

  24. Love front facing stereo speakers but no headphone jack or expandable storage is a deal-breaker for me, looks like this wont be replacing my s7edge either unfortunately…

  25. Holy crap didn't watch btekt 4 so long! Good stuff man

  26. It is a nearly perfect smartphone!

    The best at the moment, i think.

    I just wish that it have wireless charging :-/

    The Always On display is the best if you load your phone and it "stands" beside the bed in the night…

    But i am very thankful for stero front speakers with a big Display too 🙂

  27. Google last year : Omg look! Our Pixel phones have a headphone jack! Take that apple!

    Google this year : Uhm…headphone jack? Whats that? Oh here's the Pixel Buds!

  28. Those side bezels are worse than the Nexus 6p you've got to be kidding me

  29. They just had to remove the headphone jack…

  30. After all the slick-looking phones that got what released this year, Google definitely will win the ugliest category.

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