Google buys the HTC Pixel design team?! Why?!


Google drops some cash to purchase a portion of HTC and secure some rights to the brand. But why? We’ve seen this before with Google purchasing Motorola, only to sell it off not too long after, will this be a repeat performance?

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8 Replies to “Google buys the HTC Pixel design team?! Why?!”

  1. Google not only gained patents from Motorola, they learned how the process to build a phone works. You have to contract out services for your phone. Otherwise, you're not going to make any profits. It's more expensive to do somethings in house. Google bottled that information up for its next move with HTC.

  2. They did try to buy sony s design team. But they faced a problem: it doesn't exist

  3. Companies like HTC, Sony and Nokia deserve to do better in sales and have a comeback. Also, LG. All of them make great phones, I would like to see them marketing their devices better.

  4. I think google is looking to build a big flagship device to call their own, but they don't want to spend multiple billions of dollars in buying out a company to do so. This route is much more cost effective.

  5. Even though Google parted ways with Motorola, they picked up some key players — Rick Osterloh being one of them. With his experience and the new R&D team, it sounds like a good combo. We'll see how it goes though. Google has more to prove now in terms of commitment and execution in my opinion.

  6. Nice vid Ramon i wish you upload more often bc i enjoy your vids

  7. The session was on point. I'm still trying to figure out what mix is playing in the background. It was another vid you posted. It's good to go that's for sure.

  8. The U11 is an amazing phone. Especially the Solar Red color. If HTC could have done deals for carriers, it would sell.

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