Galaxy S9+ vs. Pixel 2 XL Camera Comparison! [Part 1][Low-Light/bokeh]


Pixel 2 series (Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL have identical cameras) are the king of smartphone photography and in this camera comparison, we are going to see if Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 Plus can do better.Β  Β While I was very excited for the new F1.5 aperture on the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, after doing some tests it does not live up to expectations in terms of level of bokeh and low-light performance.

Download original photos and compare them yourself…

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26 Replies to “Galaxy S9+ vs. Pixel 2 XL Camera Comparison! [Part 1][Low-Light/bokeh]”

  1. UPDATE: Sorry guys, the initial test on this video during the day at F1.5 was really to test amount of bokeh as I was excited about that more. But Pro mode in F1.5 does not enable HDR mode on the S9+, so I did another test part II, please ignore my comments on the exposure during the day in this video and watch Part II instead. But Pixel 2 XL is still king of low-light for sure!

    Part II:

  2. Maybe one day the Pixel will actually have stereo mics and then they'll have the all around best camera but for now, it's stills only.

  3. Did you use HDR+On or HDR+ Enhanced?

  4. There are too many other areas where a Samsung far outshines a Pixel. SD card support and headphone jack are just two of them. I'll always buy something more well rounded in terms of features offered. Google can't get my benjamins just yet even with that camera.

  5. This is not a fair comparison. S9+ photos would be much sharper in daylights since it uses f2.4. S9+ camera AUTO change the aperture depend on the amount of light. So you don't have to use pro mode on the s9+

  6. I like Samsung Interface but hate the slow updates….

  7. Great video I think you did a good job explaining everything I really liked the video.

  8. Great video, I have both phones, and you're right. Brace yourself for all the butthurt fanboys, but you already know that, Lol. πŸ˜‚

  9. Considering the amount of camera updates and tweaks the pixel has had the S9 is a great starting point. Good hardware will only get better with software updates, worse hardware will only go so far with good software.

  10. Could you do a video about Google HDR as an open platform? Does that include it's portrait mode? How new will a phone have to be to use it?

  11. BEST camera comparisons on YouTube! Also thanks a lot for the full samples! Nobody else does this.

  12. μ—‡.. μ•„μž¬ λ‹˜μ΄λ‹·! μ „ S9+ ν•˜λ‚˜ 가지고 μžˆλŠ”λ° ν™”μ§ˆμ€ μ§±μ΄λ„€μš”!

  13. Is there a way to install the Pixel 2's camera app on my Note 8?

  14. Sup Mister Lee and everyone

  15. You do know that on auto the camera on S9+ will automatically change to f2.4 if its bright enough right?

  16. By forcing the Samsung to 1.5 for all of the photos, you set it up to fail for daylight. It's not intended for that, which is why it blows out the highlights and has less detail. Samsung stated that it is for pictures in lighting situations below 100 lux. Of course the Pixel is more versatile in default mode. So why are you forcing the S9 to Pro mode in comparison? Other camera comparisons have actually demonstrated that it does very well in auto vs the Pixel, generally coming down to personal taste.

    And before the haters and fanboys start in, I actually own both phones and have no preference for either. But this test was not fair or accurate.

  17. Really nice comparison. Please compare between Huawei mate 10 or mate 10 pro versus pixel 2 xl and glx s9. Thanks!

  18. If you used pro mode on all the s9 pics you lost the processing auto mode has

  19. So lets do pro mode on S9+ to turn off prossesing and let pixel 2 do the magic hdr work in auto..
    FAIR AS FUCK…this is a bad comparison..

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