Galaxy S9 Plus Unboxing! [Exynos/Coral Blue][SM-G965F/DS]


Here’s unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, this is the international Exynos model(yes, unlocked bootloader so you can root it unlike Snapdragon) in Coral Blue color I got on eBay.

Model Number is: SM-G965F/DS

I got this S9+ from this eBay seller here:

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36 Replies to “Galaxy S9 Plus Unboxing! [Exynos/Coral Blue][SM-G965F/DS]”

  1. Is this model compatible with ATT LTE bands ?? Thx

  2. Max it actually did look like you . I used mine an it really looks like me to . The s9 is crazy fast an the speakers are worth it alone

  3. Please install treble aosp rom due to the fact that your phone supports it.. There hasn't been anyone who uploaded it on YouTube.. You can be the first amongst them

    The steps are simple.. You just have to flash the .img file through twrp.. Wipe dalvik cache and cache after doing that.. And there you go you ll have a pure fully working Android 8.1 on your s9 exynos.

    That's the link I got from xda

    Choose the A version arm64..

  4. Hey Max,
    Where did you get that cool Android bot Screensaver?

  5. Samsung's Emoji maker basically just makes you look stupid

  6. Does the seller sale it in 128gb ?

  7. Yep all S9 Exynos models have a free case

  8. I have this phone!! The 256gb S9+

  9. bro pixel 2 potrait mod on this device s9+ exyno make this happen

  10. I want that phone, but I am holding out for the Note 9.

  11. S9+ 카메라가 세계 최강이죠 ㅋ

  12. No Max, you swipe your fingerprint just once and you're done! No more tapping and lifting. One second to set up, that's it!

  13. Samsung has shipped phones with plastic cases, my Note8 came with one but regardless good video ^^

  14. Lol, it looked liked you but it gave u a darker look.

  15. That's a British charger Max.

  16. It uk charger and it safer than normal one cause he has fuse built on it

  17. Hey max. Awesome channel. Love the content here for android. I have a question that isn't related to this video. You seem like you might know the answer. So my phone been in a constant boot loop after the oero update. I tried flashing serveral firmwares on my phone to see if it can fix the issue. I reset the phone several times as well. Maybe you can help me solve this issue? That would be great. Thanks!

  18. charger you have is the uk adapter, can you rip the real stereo mode to work on the s8+

  19. sim ejaculator tool !!! hahaha W.T.F

  20. Max, please test and compare the battery life (SOT) and standby time (overnight drain percentage) between the SD and Exynos S9+. I was planning on getting the Exynos version to use on T-Mobile because I keep hearing Exynos is better for battery life, while SD is better for gaming (I don't game, so that's not important to me).

  21. Its a replica or it was opened because the plastic on the screen had bubbles under it

  22. Asia??? That's a UK charger.

  23. 부러워요…전 노트 5 ㅠㅠㅠ

  24. The animated emjoi just does your eyes and not your face x

  25. You've got the UK Model (Plug) same as me but I didn't get the case in the box. What with you having to reset it and the case I think the seller opened it!

  26. thats a united kingdom plug – not asia

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