Galaxy S8 Plus 6GB RAM vs LG G6 Speed Test (Battery Life is NEXT)


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 6GB of RAM vs the LG G6. Lets find out which device has a better performance so far for 2017.
► Get your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 6GB RAM here:

► Get your LG G6 here:…

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29 Replies to “Galaxy S8 Plus 6GB RAM vs LG G6 Speed Test (Battery Life is NEXT)”

  1. i like the way your compare smartphones so fare keep it up

  2. s8 display kills all the other features of any phone in the market right now

  3. use the us or emea version of s8 not the 6gb ram ver. one..

  4. Oowwwh i like your music in this video

  5. nice video! like this kind of real life app opening speed test.

  6. Great video! 👍
    It'll be interesting to see a battery drain test on the S8+, LG G6, iPhone 7 Plus and 3T. Make it happen buddy! 😉

  7. there no question that g6 is a good phone but better than s8 ?! i mean the s7 edge is better than g6. look at the thermal throttling…the g6 is having some major problems

  8. pls do a speed test s8 plus 6gb version vs 4gb version

  9. Where u buy the s8 plus 6gb version?

  10. Your comparison shows that G6 IPS has better white than Samsung Super Amoled other video shows greenish G6 screen!

  11. Please do the another speedtest S8+ vs oneplus3T

  12. Hi, can you please do the battery test with the luxmeter used before to measure same display brightness on both devices?

  13. A techguy should know that benchmarks show real score when everything is closed..

  14. G6 is really solid in 2017, because already I saw it perform on the level of iP7 and beat the SD version of S8, and now it was on the level of this S8 through out the most of this video 🙂

  15. please do the rematch with OP3T

  16. please do ram management s8 6gb ram vs 4gb ram

  17. you know that if you turned off secure start up on the G6 it would start much faster, right?

  18. Can you pls upload it in 240 p i have LTE so i only have 15 GB and 720 eat so much

  19. you should put it in performance mode

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