Galaxy S8: How to shoot RAW photos


How to shoot RAW photos on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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9 Replies to “Galaxy S8: How to shoot RAW photos”

  1. How to find and download the saved photos would be great. WTF is wrong with Samsung?

  2. I have it on, but on my DCIM folder I only see JPG files. What do I do wrong?

  3. what is the location where the raw photo will be saved?

  4. I ONLY want to shoot raw, not raw and jpg. How can I do that? Also I want the raw stored on the sd card not internally. How can I do that?

  5. I don't understand why you write a title in which you are gonna show how to shoot on RAW and you didn't do it! I don't know how to shoot and you did't make us see it ! sorry but tutorial like yours doesn't help us for nothing

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