Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Won’t Turn On – CPU Repair


iPhone 7/7 Plus won’t turn on after it is dropped? Due to the imperfect technology of CPU supplier, the SDRAM of iPhone 7/7 Plus series can be easily damaged. Once dropped, the SDRAM might be short circuited and the phone won’t turn on afterwards. The traditional SDRAM replacing method is complex and easy to get it pseudo soldered. This time we introduced a new solution with CNC Chip Grinding Machine. Let’s check the video to see how we fix iPhone 7 plus won’t power on issue in a more…

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43 Replies to “Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Won’t Turn On – CPU Repair”

  1. REWA offline iPhone Logic Board Diagnosis&Repair Refresher Course is around the corner. Please check the link for the details:
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  2. I want to take training from you plz give me all imformation reagrding it

  3. REWA always works nice I love it my dreem is work with you….o god send me thear plz.😭

  4. Thanks can some 1 plz share how to check phone resistors and capacitors what should be the value and where we shoult set out multimetere to get the right value

  5. Que programa ele usou parar ver os componentes responsáveis da placa ???

  6. well done REWA bro,always share pro skills to us.

  7. Поделитесь проверенной ссылкой на озу, ребят, пожалуйста

  8. Can I use that CNC machine to remove NAND with earlier version of Iphones e.g. Iphone 5S too?
    Or must I have the NAND not damaged because I need to read it first and then to upload some data to the new NAND first?

  9. I am a simple man. I see REWA uploaded a new video, I stop what I am doing and watch.

  10. Not an easy repair, you can do it without the cnc machine but you need skills to break the sdram without bothering the cpu, to bad you didn't show that the phone gets to dfu before you put the new sdram. This is a common fault on the 7 series after a drop the sdram gets shorted. Nice video btw.

  11. I consider this one to every guys in my team we do such repairs but not like that thumps up to REWA

  12. Great! But how did you know that short in SDRAM, not the cap or other IC on this line like U3601 or U3603, U3101 and many others?

  13. How you can figure out which ic should be replaced ? I wish i can take a training course of Rewa but i'm not living in US

  14. but the CPU is univocal with touch id or not?

  15. @REWA Technology Hello, I see a lot of the iPhone 7 repairs has to do with the SD RAM.. do you think there is a safe way to remove the RAM section without having a grinding machine?

  16. How much time this kind of repair tikes with and how much you will charge the client ?

  17. After watching this I decide to just buy a new one instead.

  18. do you sell iphone board holder clams for cnc?? i have the cnc router and need that clamp…

  19. We will arrive to the point in the future when repairs cannot be don like this becase the whole motherboard will be a big black square and it will only have a few connectors on it.
    Apple is really going that way cramming the cpu and ram together.

  20. I Hope your Videos get Translations. So it would be better to understand for People they can't Englisch or something.

  21. How much heat temprature when doing a new chip on the board

  22. Should I throw my iPhone 7 again and again to see whether it has the same question?

  23. super professional and genius

  24. Great 👍

  25. Good job guys.

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