First Look at Android P 9.0 Developer Preview 1


Miles takes a look at the Android P Developer Preview 1 on the Google Pixel XL.

See everything new in Android P 9.0 at XDA:

Here’s Everything New in Android P Developer Preview 1 for the Google Pixel/XL and Pixel 2/XL

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44 Replies to “First Look at Android P 9.0 Developer Preview 1”

  1. Every new version of Android just makes the Operating System worse and worse. I still don't understand, when you have something that works and doesn't need changed, why change it. Why not just tweak what you have to perfection. Ill stick with 5.0 and a root thanks.

  2. Really now, it's gonna come to a point where Android is too ahead of hardware manufacturers and they'll drop it alltogether

  3. Like really Nougat just got xposed and is Oreo is just about getting stable now and Android P is out! What's the rush?!

  4. Wai you have the treble ear rapers on your desk, I feel sorry for you

  5. Still no black theme?

  6. What's the point of the notch? I might be ignorant, but to me it seems to just take away from the screen, which to me seems pointless… Please let me know, because I'm confused

  7. Spoiler
    It's going to be
    Pop Tart 😒

  8. Cool
    Soon ill try it (in april 2019) because my s5 gets the newer roms too slowly now that its maintainer has left

  9. I really don't understand why this channel has only 548K subscribers!

  10. There will be no use If it gives nothing better to performance and battery. Because some feature is already shown on some of AOSP based rom. even they still on 7.1

  11. 0:53 I can't think of anything why people would want that

  12. I think the search in the settings is totally unnecessary. Just a button would be enough.

  13. One would think that this is an iOS-like third party ROM. BOOOO

  14. Bro, I have a Note8 and don't even have oreo what the fuck

  15. Rounded corners are nice but the status bar buttons suck

  16. Some Androids haven't even gotten Oreo. Sooo, are those phone's just going to move to this update?

  17. Blue wallpaper with same blue icons looks bad! I wonder why Googleis changing the terminology in every versions of android.

  18. I don't like the esthetics of it, yuck

  19. Just waiting for google Developers to finally realize that the need for an app launcher from the notification pull down bar will be the ultimate revamp.
    All along, other developers have been making apps for these stuff.

  20. The way I see Android updates, is that developers get their ideas for updates based on mods by regular developers lol
    Finally, more customization !!

  21. My money is on Android Pie. What's your?

  22. I am hoping to get it in my One Plus 5 some day.

  23. It looks so ugly. Gonna stick with Oreo.

  24. should ANDROID P is coming in MI A1 ?????????

  25. Meh. not a fan of the circular UI

  26. Too EARLY for Android P.
    Oreo hasn't even touched 2% of all smartphones.

  27. Horrible UI! Like that new volume setting though 🤘

  28. Finally! Someone who actually gets right to it and shows what's new w/Android P.

  29. Ok so I don't follow Android and mobile phone shit much, so what in the poop is "notch" and "notch phones?" That notch at the top of the theme looks like feces.

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