DxO One Review: An iPhone Camera For a Pro


The tiny new DxO One camera attachment delivers a big upgrade to iPhone photography. Personal tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler takes it on a San Francisco test shoot.

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26 Replies to “DxO One Review: An iPhone Camera For a Pro”

  1. You are looks so cute! especially your teeth! that's remind as rabbit! |/:-B

    I do not mind what the iPhone or dxo whatever. :-p

  2. I left at 600 $

  3. Am I missing something? We're using the lightning connector to support the weight of the accessory, or vice versa? Imagine picking your phone up while it's charging…. by grabbing the bit of the charging cable sticking out of the phone. This lack of additional support seems like a major oversight. I wouldn't want to rely on myself to keep them exactly lined up while handling the device to avoid stressing the internals. And that price though…. I'll pass.

  4. 600 usd..wooow…nikon d3300 costr 300, and its a dslr with 24mp…

  5. Duhhhh… It's not, "DUHiPhone", it's "THEE iPhone"!!! Stupid and G…..

  6. Everything was perfect till you said the price ….

  7. Great idea and seemingly well executed but that price point is too high.

  8. I'm left handed. Would this still work if I was to flip the phone around and the DxO was on the left side?

  9. Dxo one price is $449 now. Is it worth to buy or not? I want to take a photo like a professional camera like a job.Is Dxo one is better than samsung galaxy s7 and iphone 6s plus. Because s7 can take low light quality image. I don't know i should buy dxo one or not because Dxo one is not good battery life and not fast. I worried about the quality also. iphone 7 will almost come out. If iphone have more better camera than dxo one I might sad.
    Could you make decision for me please?

  10. What a terrible design. That thing would last all of 10 days before the little lightning adapter snaps off inside my phone.

  11. Can you use it for FaceTime Calls on the iPhone?

  12. DxO must be sucking lots of dicks for this video to be made. Jeez.

  13. is this adam richman from 'man vs food'???!!!

  14. It's a turd, for that money many cameras will kill Image quality of this freaky unreliable piece of overrated crap!
    Also this compagny is promoting this crappy thing to be on par with some DSLR's…LMFAOX2

  15. Is this paid advertisement?

  16. You'd be nuts to think that tiny lens and tiny chip can rival a DSLR…

  17. Ummm….yeah. This is going to rival my DSLR. Why not not just review this little point and shoot on its own merits? You lost all credibility with the "better than my DSLR" comparison. Either you have no clue how to set up your Canon or you have absolutely the worst (slowest) lens mounted on it. Please just do an honest review and don't stretch the truth so much.

  18. good concept. Too expensive for what you are getting.

  19. too much for a price

  20. It sure looks impressive altough the price does seem steep for an iPhone accessory. The thing is that it's not an apples with apples comparison really (pun intended). It comes close, but will never be better than any current day full frame DSLR shooter with a good prime lens (and corresponding large aparture). You see, the so called 1" sensor it has comes at a 3x crop factor. So that F/ 1.8 is actually in fact F/ 5.4.

    Now it is true that the portability is great and the fact that it uses a fast and nifty app on the iPhone which gives it great connectivity to things like instagram, I don't agree with the statement that it is as good as a DSLR. Not only because of the above, but also because you can buy a DSLR for that price with a nice aperture for the same money, which is better value for money in my opinion than what is really an iPhone accessory with a battery life of 2 hours. Though it must be noted that a full frame DSLR is significantly more expensive, the Sony RX100 has a full frame sensor and has a 'true' aperture of F/ 1.8 which is also pocket-able as it is a point and shoot.

    Idk, take my opinion any way you like. It's an awesome product and I usually don't comment on these things, but as a prosumer I guess I just needed to vent. Let's just say I'd buy this if I had the cash laying around because portability (and therefore the ease of use) is a real big plus for this product. It's just not really comparable to a DSLR in the sense that an iPhone camera is not comparable to a Point and Shoot though they are close.

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