DON’T BUY Galaxy S9 until you have SEEN this video. Samsung Galaxy S7 just as good? Camera Test


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Galaxy S7
Galaxy S9

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45 Replies to “DON’T BUY Galaxy S9 until you have SEEN this video. Samsung Galaxy S7 just as good? Camera Test”

  1. The s9 is much better, BUT the s7 is no slouch!

  2. Google pixel XL I have one and I'm well pleased with it

  3. Just get something with a wide angle lense and your quality will improve like crazy

  4. i jusy bought the s8 and im 13 so i dint have a lot of money so decided to go with the s8 for 325 with a lot of negotiating with best buy lol and i love it may even be better worth than the s9

  5. The S9 is obviously better. But is it that much better than the S7? You only notice the differences when you compare them side by side. But, nowhere near the difference that the S7 brought when compared to the S5. Two years don't make a massive difference these days.

  6. The s9 seems a bit better in video and audio

  7. Wow, the biggest difference I saw was the stability control in the s9, then second was the ability to focus much faster.

    I remember when the s3 was cutting edge, it would be hilarious to see a comparison of the s3 to s9

  8. I think s9 is awesome but its expensive, as compared to s7,it has a bit less features but is better.

  9. I agree with you S9 it's not a good phone for video

  10. Thanks Kevin but you can't break my apple addiction lol thumps up buds

  11. I use a Samsung j5, loads cheaper than the s models and has 13mp camera's front and rear which is better than the s9 with its 12mp front and 8mp rear.

  12. I really love your videos if there’s any snow where you live you should get an RC snowmobile

  13. The 9 has a better camera. The 9 is better then the 7 by far.

  14. 60fps makes a difference good upgrsde will they make a S10 lol

  15. S nein

  16. Thumbs up for doing a close up test. I thought the S7 was rubbish for that. Glad they've improved it.

  17. Slightly better..? The S9 looks like it's on a gimbal compared to the S7.
    My opinion is that the S9 eats the S7 for breakfast regarding the cameras. I sure hope you'll use the S9 in the future πŸ™‚

    I got the S8+ myself and I'm going to buy the S9+ just for the camera.

  18. They are both the same except the auto focus

  19. πŸ˜ƒGreat video and excellent job buddy πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ™‹

  20. Yo Man, Use the S9 in slow mode in your rc videos!

  21. Should of got a note 8 … better then the s9 and you get the pen

  22. my main phone is the S7 active which is better than the S7 and it's amazing love the 240fps slow mo (A959 vs Traxxas)

  23. Kevin I have a question which rc car would you rather have traxxas e revo gen#2 or hpi savage flux with unlimited parts? Both electric obviously

  24. Great job on this simple comparison…my wife has the S7 and loves it and iv got the S8 and I think it's awesome but just like your take on the S9 they are all three very very similar

  25. S9 is way better but you should have gotten the s9plus that has double cameras on the back

  26. Not the hugest of differences, you can see the where the S9 was better by a small margin through the rear camera, but surprisingly the front camera seems to be a little better on the S7. There was a bigger difference going from my previous S6 to the Note 8.

  27. Samsung took the "If it aint broke dont fix it" approach for the camera. The only reason the S9 can do anything more than the S7 is the difference in processor speed.

  28. Clearly the s9 have the better camera πŸ™‚ but the S7 is still doing just fine end it's getting the job done πŸ™‚

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