Dash Charging vs Adaptive Fast Charging Speed Test (Galaxy S8 vs OnePlus 3 Battery Charging)


OnePlus 3 & 3T comes with a dash charging technology, Lets see how does it compares with Galaxy S8, S8 Plus Adaptive Fast Charging.

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21 Replies to “Dash Charging vs Adaptive Fast Charging Speed Test (Galaxy S8 vs OnePlus 3 Battery Charging)”

  1. hey even my s8+ charges to 100% in 2 nd half hours did you find any solution is it a software or hardware issue

  2. Correction to all!
    1st: By default fast charge is enabled, you can't change this setting while cable plugged in, if you see closely in this video as well the fast cable charge is enabled and greyed out.
    2nd: Since this is adaptive fast charge if you again & again turn screen on and use your phone along with charging it will switch to slow charging as a safety measure, do not use the phone while charging or try charging in power off mode (as a proof of concept), official charge time will be around 100 minutes to charge S8 from 0-100% (tested myself).

  3. This is why I never liked the Samsung at all, my budget phone honor 6x charges way faster than that, even my sister uses m original cable and charging adapter to charge her note 4 from Samsung 😂 wait for one plus 5 it will likely kick Samsung s8 ass badly

  4. why you charge s8 with AOD mode on?

  5. Seems my friend's S7 Edge with 3600 mAh charges way faster than this S8. Don't think the S8 is fast charging at all. No way it's this slow charging up

  6. sir my OP3T is over heating so much after tje update of OOS 4.1.3 infact some times I'm not able to touch the phone because of over heating what will i do

  7. brother which tempered glass is best for one plus 3t

  8. the Galaxy does not rapid charge with the screen on.

  9. Can u provide lockscreen image of your S8 in full version.


  11. Lol they by default disabled fast charging because they don't want this device to explode like note 7, them whats the use os fast charging if they themselves are not sure about that 😂😂😂😂

  12. Hi kaun si app se benchmark result dekh sakte hai

  13. put a spring of clicking type pen instead of that insulation tape

  14. isn't fast charging turned on just because it is charging, toggle switch on off option is not featuring

  15. i think you forgot to turn on fast Charging in Galaxy for sure….

  16. The fast cable charging option was on, but the button was grayed out because you can't enable/disable it while you are charging.

  17. can you put the dash charge on galaxy s8 so we can know the power of dash charger and the load that galaxy s8 can handle….

  18. bro did u see in cpu z
    my s8 plus shows 8890 processor
    plz check it no😊

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