Cool things to do with an OTG connector and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus


Some very cool things that you can do with the OTG Connector that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S9!
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Anker USB Card Reader:

In this video i will show you some neat things that you can do with the OTG Connector that came in the box with your Samsung Galaxy S9. Some of them…

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46 Replies to “Cool things to do with an OTG connector and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus”

  1. Great phone Alex otg connectors are so cool 😎 and versatile a must have bit of kit a great video Alex buddy 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  2. Redskull can pls helpme having a phone worth 150$ pls reply

  3. I'm always using an otg to plug in sd cards on the go, great video mate

  4. I have a question. I'm planning to sell my Note 8 and get the S9 Plus. Is that a good decision? I don't really use the S Pen anyway. And is the battery life a little better on the S9 Plus?

  5. Great tips. Thank you mate. 🙂

  6. @REDSKULL please get me Iphone 8 or Iphone X clone which will not be fake and it will look like a real IOS please price from 100 € to 200 € please 🙁

  7. That's the awesome features..Great Review..Awesome..!!!😱😱😱

  8. Very cool video!!! Extremely informative. Thanks.

  9. You can get a portable microscope/endoscope to run directly off your phone: search for android microscope on eBay. They cost as little as $5

  10. I did that with my old Moto G1 and the connector, almost everything worked flawlessly! It's amazing how many people didn't know about it.
    Video liked as always!!!

  11. OTG connector is the best gadget to enjoy all major possibilities for so much fun.. thanks for detailed information

  12. Hey Alex good to see u again… Ps 3 controller can be used via Bluetooth there is an app called (Axis ) available on playstore. it will detect the controller thanks me later anywayz….thumbs up

  13. Wow Alex, I genuinely I had no idea you could do all this with the connector. Damn 🔥

  14. Can you say if the Amazon fire 8 HD tablet worth buying, is it a good tablet?

  15. Which icon pack do you use?

  16. ok this is sick OMG I might get this phone next upgrade great video Alex man

  17. that's a nice phone Alex!you got the same colour as i got.i changed from note8 to s9plus,not sure the best thing to do.Anyways,keep the good work bro!

  18. Great! I can do all those things with my iPhone! Oh wait…. :/

  19. Wow….!!! Thank you alex for awesome tips and tricks about OTG cable… ❤️❤️

  20. Hey Alex, do you know if you can use a powered USB hub withe the OTG? I'm thinking, if it works, you could use a mouse and keyboard at the same time.

  21. one of my favourite channels thumbs up good job Alex

  22. Hi Alex, thankss for the share. Does this work on all Android phones . Will this work on my xiaomi redmi 5

  23. Nice one Alex !!!!! Your Biggest fan

  24. Who knew that an otg connector had such many uses! Good video! Keep it coming

  25. Hi, are you tried to connect on OTG – usb hub?

  26. I was actually asking myself this yesterday thx

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    Sir your videos really good quality.
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  29. Great vid as usual, Alex. Thanks and keep it up

  30. I believe, all samsung S & Note series, always have this feature… Still, not many people know this. So, great video! How about otg on iphone?

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