Can This Case Fix The iPhone’s Biggest Problem?


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iXTRA iPhone Case –

This iPhone case aims to fix some of the shortcomings of the iPhone (iPhone 6/6s/7). In the case of…

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20 Replies to “Can This Case Fix The iPhone’s Biggest Problem?”

  1. How to fix an iPhone,

    Buy an Android!

  2. I'm about a year late to participate or can I still?

  3. Can you still buy these? If yes then where?

  4. Pretty sure I've watched 50% of your uploads this week. Talk about letting Auto play take control! Gimme another week and I'll be all caught up!

  5. Unbox therapy can you do a studio tour and like your camera set up and btw I know that jack is a camera

  6. the xtrasd app is not on the apple app store

  7. i wish i have an iphone 7 or just 6….ok ill just go to sleep and dream it,it may be fun to use iphone7 or 6 in dream

  8. I got this case in the mail today. It is unabashedly awful. Reply with your questions.

  9. Thet seem to have problem meeting delivery/shipping promises

  10. Just buy a galaxy s8+, problem solved lol

  11. Just so you know, I backed this based on this video and so did many more. The company screwed us all over! They took the money and then stopped communicating with all the backers. Please look into a company before you put your name to them…

  12. Fuck it, I'm getting a Z10.

  13. Let me guess there's an app and you can't sync big apps to the case it's the same as other memory cases

  14. Introducing the new iphone 99999999999. They make them too quick. And it's more money each time. Plz keep the iPhone 7 as the new phone for a few years.

  15. Anyone know the background music used in this video??

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