Best Apps (Games) for Children (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)


Best apps for kids, children or families. These are free and paid family friendly games that are great for young children (but a lot of these games are are also awesome games that adults will love). Enjoy!

The games are:
Sky Burger
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Pop
Angry Birds Star Wars
Minecraft – Pocket Edition
Jetpack Joyride
Rayman Jungle Run
My Coloring book free
Glow Draw
Strike Knight
Waterslide Extreme
Ice Cream Jump
Sonic & SEGA All stars racing

Best family friendly children kid family content

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36 Replies to “Best Apps (Games) for Children (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)”

  1. Minecraft gets boring if you play it for too long like me

  2. I liked minecraft before the invitory changed now it's hard

  3. Cool games I am looking for sky wars on iPad
    For free bro

  4. all the apps she said are on android too

  5. sky burger is on android to just checked

  6. Doodle jump cost money!??!? ( Edit- it cost free when I was like 4 I'm 10 now )

  7. I find this game “fetching mimu only” (Google it) very amusing! You need to play this fun and incredible game with your buddy. Me and my son really love to play this video game. I really feel like I`m a young boy again. I don’t in fact like concentrating on a game but I think this one is worth it.

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  9. This game “fetching mimu only” (Google it) is just wonderful. Additionally, due to the repetitive nature of the game, it can become quite habit forming, so this really is a good thing if you have to loosen up after very long hour works. My son was super thrilled to have this game as well. He has been wanting it for quite a while.

  10. Hope you enjoy these family friendly games!

  11. I'm almost 15 and I love mcpe soooo much

  12. great video !! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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