Best Android 7.0/7.1 (Nougat) ROM for Oneplus One? [5+ Hours SOT] //TugaPower N2.0 ROM Review


Lets have a look at the best android 7.0 Nougat ROM for Oneplus one. This ROM has the best battery life of any other Nougat ROM made for the Oneplus One. This is the most STABLE android Nougat ROM yet and has all the Android 7.0 features inside along side the Oneplus’s signature features. Must download this if you are looking for a good battery life in an android 7.0 ROM for Oneplus one. This is a CM14 based ROM for the Oneplus One

Get TugaPower ROM from here-…

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36 Replies to “Best Android 7.0/7.1 (Nougat) ROM for Oneplus One? [5+ Hours SOT] //TugaPower N2.0 ROM Review”

  1. have a long time…..and now i found my phone version….(take 1 month)

  2. Around 4:20 mark you said you installed Pixel's boot animation, launcher, and wallpapers for the "best experience". Can I ask how did you find the stock (Tugapower) launcher in terms of performance and user-friendliness compared with Pixel's?

  3. I'm really excited to have found your video here. I have a oneplus one and I needed to find a place where I can get some advice about upgrading my phone from 13.1.2-ZNH2KAS3PO-bacon. I get frequent reboots and my battery needs recharging twice a day—a new battery may be in my future. But if I can explore rooting and a new OS I think that should keep my interest for a while. A real good video, btw.

  4. how can i download the rom hai how to flash

  5. bro…how to install this ROM n root it because I am new to it .I don't have any idea about it please suggest me steps n links

  6. Would you recommend this over Lineage?

  7. When I open link to download ROM from Android file host it is saying access denied, how can I get access there ? I have registered on Android file host

  8. I just watched your video for the first time excellent excellent review excellent detail attention to detail I should say and thank you for the links I definitely am now have liked your video and subscribe and I really enjoy the OnePlus One it only took them three almost three years to catch up to the specs for the OnePlus One I have upgraded to the OnePlus 3T but I have my OnePlus One Right By My Side running Cyanogen OS however lots of reboots and RAM management issues so I didn't want to lose the Black theme but I don't really care now if you can have recommend this this OS with OTA updates and so on thank you so much I apologize for the grammar or punctuation I'm doing Google Voice to Text hahaha thank you so much keep up the good work and I seriously will try to donate to you

  9. bro, can you suggest me the best android k ROM for opo which gave you 7 hrs of sot, battery life is my major concern :). Thanks in adv

  10. Awesome video man! Will try and incorporate some of this awesomeness vibe in my custom ROM reviews haha

  11. bravo man…this is something called as professional work❤…..tho I don't own a one pluse but loved to watch this video….and wud want to kW if u make ROMs for other phones!!???

  12. best ROM for battery so far for OPO?

  13. Hey I gave my mom a OnePlus One a while ago, it's currently on stock 6.0.1 – should I even bother to update her to 7.1?
    Also do custom ROMs have OTA updates for new android versions?

  14. Can u write please a guide how to flash this rom? [we need to flash also firmware and Gapps. If it won't be at the right order, we can get a "brick" device..

  15. hello im experiencing Yellowish colour tint in this rom how to fix this ?

  16. the way from México… excellent video…. i will try it. good job

  17. this is the best ROM ever….but I didn't find that multiwindow option anywhere.

  18. i am on latest COS13.1 build (bootlocker unlocked coz I have played around with ROMs before, NOT rooted currently, stock recovery) .. are there step by step instructions on how to install this ROM? the original post seems to have none?

  19. Sounds like a good ROM. Have you tried the resurrection remix rom nougat for the OPO?

  20. Hi..Thanks for the video. Could you tell me what version of firmware and TWRP are you running? I'm still running CM12.1.

  21. Really nice review of the rom… GREAT rom… And great quality of review… To all those out there… This is how a review is done…

  22. +BigBadroid How did u get 5 hours of SOT ? I hardly get 3.5 hours SOT without gaming and stuff.. did u underclock it ?

  23. hey, sorry for disturbing again, but I am getting error 7 on cm ROM too.. I tried to flash it 3 times but no luck.

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