Asphalt 8 Gameplay on iPhone 5S (iOS) gaming performance & review in Full HD (1080p)


This is the gaming performance of iPhone 5S while playing Asphalt 8 game. The game runs smooth and no issues what so ever. This video is about Asphalt 8 gaming performance on iPhone 5S in full HD so that you can fully enjoy so site tight and enjoy the joyride.

More iPhone 5S gaming videos are coming soon as well as Dog fight between the Apple A7 and Snapdragon S800 processors on different scenarios (App loading speed, gaming performance) so stay tuned. Also stay tuned for Samsung Galaxy…

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24 Replies to “Asphalt 8 Gameplay on iPhone 5S (iOS) gaming performance & review in Full HD (1080p)”

  1. of course you didn't find any problem iphone's resolution is very low which makes things much easier to the gpu

  2. Suprisingly it does n't feel as smooth as my Xperia SP ( Adreno 320, 720p display) !

  3. Yeah, actually I used PVR to record this video instead of camera so it might seems slow to some people but you are right in reality it was easily between 45-60. Check out the camera video as well which seems even smoother. I included the camera video in the series that I made for iPhone 5S and the video is called Gameplay of Best HD Graphics Games for iPhone 5S Part 1. Check out the complete series for so many good games for iPhone 5S.

  4. This lag is because of the PVR that I am using to record. PVR recording is a bit little laggy always. I have made iPhone 5S gaming videos series and check this game in that series and I have shot that series using camera and it does not show any lag there. That series also has very nice other games as well. Watch it as it is worth it.

  5. I think they are same. I have not compared them side by side however if I play on iPhone 5S or iPad 4 I do not feel any difference in graphics. I would compare them side by side as well as soon as I go back home.

  6. Thanks for appreciating. Yes you are right. Actually the only reason why I used PVR is because iPhone has small screen and considering the closest focusing distance of my camera lens the iPhone would appear too small in the video. I would try to do something about it.

  7. Very good video, but I'd suggest you to use a camera to record, because using PVR makes the game a bit laggy, even though PVR is the best to show the graphics.

  8. Good. I can make videos using camera but the graphics would not look as good as it looks now.

  9. Sorry I did not understand. If you are talking about lag or anything then the lag is because of the PVR that I use to record video in good quality. If I record using the camera then of course it would look great. It is buttery smooth 🙂 it is 5S so what do you expect 🙂

  10. Why looks as as if smoothing too weak? Even on my old man of iphone 4s of the schedule it is slightly better! Can do it it is connected with that that Iphone 5s left recently?

  11. I see. in what sense? Resolution or something else?

  12. More are coming soon. Too many videos to do but time is short 🙁

  13. Thanks 🙂 Please don't forget to like the video if you think it is good.

  14. You are welcome 🙂 Please don't forget to like the video if you think it is good.

  15. it doesn't look as good as on the z ultra

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