Android O Pixel Launcher On ANY Android Device! No Root


Android O Launcher :–O-3952143.apk

Google Wallpapers:

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28 Replies to “Android O Pixel Launcher On ANY Android Device! No Root”

  1. theres no "change icon shape" on OnePlus 3

  2. I'm having a hard time getting this to install as a system app. I tried ES File Explorer and Link2SD. Any insight on this?

  3. ill just wait till oreo comes out on pixel

  4. For those of you that are still saying that TouchWiz (now called Samsung Experience I believe) is crap on the s8 and it's still laggy, it's not from what I've seen. Okay it may be a little laggy on the Samsung Galaxy s8 but from what I've seen it is nowhere near as bad as on previous generations. If you like the thought of stock Android launchers on your phone (particularly the Samsung phones), then go for your life. But my personal opinion on this one is that people should just embrace Samsung phones for what they are. including Samsung Experience/TouchWiz. And for those of you that are still saying 'oh but there are too many bugs on my s8 still' of course there are going to be bugs at launch or soon after launch. That's pretty much a given. Everyone (or at least most people) should know that if you want the best experience out of a phone, and that includes bug fixes, at least buy your phone a month or so after launch.

  5. I have to say Samsung own software looks far better on the S8….

  6. But does it get the notification bubble next to apps when they have a notification?

  7. I just noticed the Android Wear app on your s8

  8. bro you should actually make videos on Android Wear

  9. I tried it and it just forcloseses on me

  10. So nova launcher is still the boss hog for launcher?

  11. You have to install the Launcher as system app to get full functionality (Google now and widgets)

  12. did you have any cons to this launcher compared to the stock Samsung?

  13. Still like the Google Now launcher better

  14. not working on my oneplus one!

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