5 Top Tips To Know in ★WAR WINGS★ [iOS Gameplay]


iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/war-wings/id1050092160?mt=8
Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tencent.warwings2&hl=en_GB

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31 Replies to “5 Top Tips To Know in ★WAR WINGS★ [iOS Gameplay]”

  1. There is a spelling mistake where 'how to so' should be 'how to do'. apologies.

  2. rich your on my friends list in was wings I'm RICHOS I'M on all the time let's have a fly next time we see each other on. cheers.

  3. What the hells a loop dee loop? Thee manuever performed when u swipe up is an Immelman turn. It's a half loop with a half roll at the top. The opposite of which is a split S, a half roll followed by a half loop. I think the whole "special manuever" function is ridiculous. I'd rather just have complete control of my plane so I could do my own loops and rolls.

  4. Hahahahahaha 6.48 your opponents were all bots . As the game is new the devs have included bots so there is no wait queue for games . If you want to match with real players play in the league .

  5. How does get rainbow effects when he shoots

  6. I prefer Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders. . not pay to win

  7. i try and survive with out tricks annoying swiping

  8. Did you know that when your speed meter turns green when your going at the right pace, your turning becomes much better

  9. I prefer planes like the spitfire that can turn and easily get behind an enemy

  10. Few things. Some planes if you flick left you'll barrel roll right. Not all but with some.
    Also the new league isn't up yet so why is yours showing it's up?
    Did you record this a week ago?

  11. Anyone else think they was playing for a second and click on the Red above the items lol

  12. Anyone else despise anyone who uses auto follow (jäger) and the op fire rounds all the time

  13. How to fire big caliber gun ? I have yak 7b but I cant firing it

  14. I am using a P-40N as my favourite plane. It is a T5 plane

  15. Maybe you can help shed some light on this, I'm extremely confused by the , silver , free RP and RP , and gold , the color of the stars are blue and yellow but there still listed as RP , if you could make a video breaking that down. Or reply with an explanation.

  16. was gonna say call in a SOS but just looking at the stats everyone on your team sucks! add me bro edwin671

  17. Sub me for war wings tips and tricks + play through, I'll make any videos on request to help anyone out, Thanks to everyone!!

  18. unhelpful,useless advices

  19. agreed its a cracking game, just downloaded the game on android, used to play world of warplanes before the community dies off, however this is the game that world of warplanes should have been

  20. Your the best rich and it was fun playing with you

  21. Keep up ur hard work in mcoc and any other game. U are amazing. Don't let haters get u down.

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