5 Protective Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus


It is time to protect your newly purchased Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus with some awesome protective cases. The last thing you want is your s9 or s9 plus to become friends with the floor so wrap it up in one of these protective cases for maximum drop protection.

LINKS TO CASES (same order as video)

Unicorn Beetle Pro

Unicorn Mumba

Luna RoseGold

Ares Case

Hera (Rose Gold or Black Color)…

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26 Replies to “5 Protective Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus”

  1. I know some ppl don't want a screen protector on there phone but if I am throwing out 800 dollars plus for a phone, I am damn well going to get full protection…think about it. What's the point in having just the back and side of my phone safe when the portion I use the most ( screen) is cracked..and all it takes is just one drop guys. It seems insane to me to not have full on protections.

  2. Got my S9,,,, you just made case shopping easier

  3. Those built in screen protectors are garbage. Can't even text properly

  4. My son threw the my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge down on the road from 5th floor of the building. The only thing that happened to the phone is a little dent on the bottom part and a little pry upto the home button. I was using a Samsung lether case.

  5. Some Splendid Cases Indeed…Some Rather Expensive Tho…

  6. 10 More Bloody Idiot Moron Dislikes And Counting…

  7. Will the first one (Unicorn Beetle Pro) work with a tempered glass screen protector already on it?

  8. I ordered the 1st one for my s9+

  9. I have the Ares case on my Panda Pixel 2XL and I am spoiled now, I can't see myself ever using another case without the screen protection, it is great for full protection without effecting the screen sensitivity

  10. very ugly cases, review some slim/minimalistic ones

  11. You and your free shit how can you not be biased towards cases when you get them for free . did you pay for these or did you suck up and kiss somebody’s hairy ass in order to get these cases

  12. Saki I would like to see a review of a clear case for the S9+.I would like to see options for protection that still show off the phone. I think the coral blue and lilac are the best I have seen.

  13. Pls review the battery life

  14. Hi Saki, thanks for the review. Have you tried the Beetle Pro with wireless charging?

  15. I haven't activated my S9+ yet, Monday I will be receiving the OtterBox Defender case

  16. hmmmm 🤔
    someone is getting paid.

  17. Can you use wireless charging with any of these cases?

  18. Unicorn beetle is the best case. I use them on all my gadgets.price is nice too ( on amazon)

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